Bright and Beautiful

The colours of this photo are beautiful. I love how the bright orange of the flowers contrasts with the green of the foliage. The shape of the flowers are also beautiful and the focus is good.


Beautiful Boathouse

I love the natural feeling of this photo. The pink flowers along with the green foliage soften the foreground beautifully. The boathouse in the distance is reflected stunningly by the water in the lake.

Lively Yellow Like a Lemon

Pow, you don’t need me to tell you to look at the yellower than a lemon yellow of the petals of these flowers. The stunning contrast with the darkened background is all that is needed to make the flowers jump out at you in a lively manner and grab your attention.

Rocks in the River Rapids

When you look at a bubbling stream it is hard to believe that just down river you could have such a difference, from gently rippling to rushing rapids in an instant. The large rock in the centre is a beautiful shape and as the moss has grown over it, it has blended into its surroundings.

Soothingly Splashing Stream

I love to watch water in a stream as it bubbles and splashes soothingly over the rocks. The dappled light in this photo is really effective. The green leaves of the trees enhance the natural feel and create a calm atmosphere.

Wonderful Weeping Willow

The weeping willow by the water’s edge is wonderful. The blue sky and the green of the leaves complement each other beautifully to make for a soothing atmosphere. The way the leaves of the weeping willow seem to flow I to the pond is really effective.

Wilbur Keeping Watch

<p style=’border:4px double #8d8049;padding:10px;color:#8d8049;font-family:Gabriola;font-size:25px;text-align:center;border-radius:5px;text-decoration:none;’>Wilbur is keeping an eye on the play park, he really wants a go on the climbing frame, surprise surprise. He’s a bit scared of the children though, he wants to wait until they are gone. After watching and waiting for more than an hour, Wilbur has given up, he wants to get up to some proper mischief, when I suggest we just go home, Wilbur gives in. Maybe next week Wilbur!

Pretty Pond

The sun has provided beautiful lighting for this photo. The colours appear bright and beautiful. The pond is pretty, with the ducks doing their thing, oblivious to the fact that I am studying just metres away taking their photos. I love the peacefulness and calmness.

Teetering Tree in Tragedy

Oh no! Poor tree, it looks as though it might be in trouble as it teeters on the edge of the rock. As the tragic events nears, the tree has rooted itself firmly, to prevent itself from falling from the top of the rock.

Superb Sunset

The colours in the sunset are beautiful, the oranges and yellows are warm and friendly, they contrast strikingly with the darkness that is setting in across the whole place. I think it is superb how as the light is leaving for the night how the strip of water can still find a bit to reflect. The strip of water leads your eye into the distance and towards the sky.

Thousands of Trees Together

I was struck by the beauty of these trees, the way they are packed in their hundreds and their thousands, standing together in the forest, they have been here on this planet for longer than me and have never moved, only a quiet whisper as the wind whips gently by.

Glamorous Garden

I like this garden, the grass is such a lush shade of green and is cut immaculately, the glamorous temple in the background is nicely softened by the pink of the flowers in the border in front of it.