Fiery Flower in Focus

I love the fiery reds and oranges of this tulip. The flower is bright and eye catching. The focus is really good which means that all of the detail is sharp and clear. The fine details of the petals add to the beauty and make the flower seem real.

Carefully Captured Cherry Blossom

I do love cherry blossom. The beautiful pink of the blossom is such a lovely shade. The focus in this photo is amazing, I have captured the photo carefully so that you get a real feeling of depth. The foreground is really well focused while blossom in the background is out of focus. The crisp detail of the blossom is good and is really eye catching.

Perfectly Positioned Pavilion

This photo is beautifully composed. I love how the trees line the sides of the photo and lead your eye down the path towards the distant pavilion. The bright red of the pavilion contrasts beautifully with the green of the trees. This creates a sense of tension and effectively builds the atmosphere.

Wilbur Wondering Why there is a Window

What? Why is there a window in this tree? It sounds like Wilbur is confused. What are you confused about Wilbur? Wilbur says he doesn’t understand why there is a window in the tree. Well, Wilbur. Why do you think there is a window? Wilbur says he has been wondering but still has no idea. Well, I think it might be a fairy house! What do you think about that Wilbur? Wilbur says he thinks that it is a good explanation. Yes, it must be a fairy house!

Magical Marsh Marigolds

The natural colours in this photo are set off beautifully by the bright yellow of the marsh marigolds. The yellow magically draws your eye to the flowers. The lush green is a beautiful backdrop and is a nice, natural and soothing backdrop.

Brilliant Bark Beauty

I love this photo. The detail in the bark is beautiful. I love the natural colours of the bark. The browns and greens create a brilliant, soothing atmosphere.

Magnificent Magnolia

Who doesn’t love a good magnolia? Your living room is painted magnolia right? If not, perhaps a friend’s is? I like the way that this magnolia flower is captured. The focus on the centre is good. I really like the way that the gold, pink and green complement each other. Your eye is beautifully drawn in by the simplicity of the petals which, as they curve, magnificently lead your eye deeper into the picture.

Tasteful Tulip

I like the colours in this photo. The pink of the tulip tastefully complements the orange of the pansies. I like the shape of the tulip petals, the smooth curves are formed beautifully. The composition of this photo is good, the tulip takes centre stage drawing your attention fully.

Pretty Pansies

I love the bright orange petals of these pansies. The focus is sharp meaning that every detail in the petals is clear and crisp. The dark and shadowy background provides a nice contrast to the bright, almost glowing petals which seem to be smiling at the sun which creates drama and a sense of tension.

Odd One Out

A sea of blue and yellow flowers, beautiful! But wait, what’s that? A solitary red tulip, why would you do that? Being the odd one out that it undeniably is, it certainly draws the eye! It breaks the calming continuity of the bright flower bed and spices things up a bit.

Wilbur is Watching the Water Wheel

Oh, Wilbur! You are looking a bit dizzy there! Have you been watching that water wheel again. Of course you have. Round and round, following every move, circling your head, like a dog and a washing machine. Oh no! Dizzy Wilbur alert. Don’t lean on we those railings! Oops. Phew. Caught just in time. That was close Wilbur! Perhaps I had better spin you the other way. There. Is that better?

Perfect Pansies

The focus on the blue petals of the pansies is amazing. I love the subtle difference in colour between the lighter blue of the top half and the darker blue of the bottom half of the flower, combined with the stunning detail, the petals are almost perfect.