Pretty Pink Petals

I really like these flowers, the clusters of pink petals are so pretty. The orange centres complement the pink petals beautifully. I like how the flowers then contrast with the green foliage in the background to make them stand out.


Beautifully Blue Bloom

I love the detail of this beautiful blue poppy. The focus is very good, you can see all of the details in the blooming flower. The ridges in the petals are so intricate, they draw your eye towards the focused stamen at the centre of the flower.

Magical Meadow

I like the magical effect that I have achieved by capturing the meadow in the glass ball. I love how the real meadow behind can be seen, although out of focus while the reflection in the glass ball is clear and focused.

Creative Clouds

I like the interesting effect that I have achieved by using the crystal ball lens so creatively. The white clouds contrast beautifully with the blue sky and in the glass ball.

Marvelous Meadow

I love the natural green and blue colours in this photo, the way the sun is shining on the meadow is beautiful. The castle is marvelous, acting as a focal point in the distance drawing your eye across the whole meadow.

Spectacularly Shaped

This flower is a really intricate and interesting shape. The petals really are spectacular, with their contrasting dark purple and light yellow colours and their unusual shape, they really do catch the eye.

Brilliantly Bold Bloom

I love the bold colours in this photo which really make the flower stand out. The brilliant pink is a nice contrast to the green foliage. The flower is blooming which helps to draw your eye to the bright yellow of the stamen at the centre.

Colourful Cornflower

This cornflower is a spectacular shade of pink, rather than the usual blue. The bee looks quite happy too. I do like photography that has wildlife as it makes it more unique and special. The colourful pink is a nice contrast with the green foliage which makes the flower stand out.

Sliding down the Slippery Slide

Wilbur has never been down this slide before, he says he is really excited. Jumping in at the top he says he’ll see me at the bottom. Wheee!!! It sounds like Wilbur is enjoying sliding down the slide, I guess it must be really fast, his fur will slip so easily on the metal with hardly any friction. There he is at the bottom. So Wilbur what did you think. Wilbur says that he really enjoyed it and wants to do it again. Well, it looks like we are going to be hear some time.

Fabulously Focused Flower

I really like the colours of this photo, the bright petals are focused fabulously. The pink flower has well focused stamen which draw your eye to the centre of the photo effectively.

Gloriously Golden in the Garden

This flower is a glorious golden colour. Standing tall in the garden, the golden petals complement the green foliage beautifully.