Taking the Plunge & Pulling the Plug

Oh no, Wilbur what have you done? We finally get you out and about the campus and then this happens! I thought we had got over your mischief, but no! Looks like I have a lot of explaining to do! How does anyone explain to the university that you were taking a dip and just happened to pull out the plug for this whole series of pools, they have drained entirely! It looks like it will be a while before you will next be plunging into the calm waters of these pools. Hopefully someone will refill the pools soon and I do hope they won’t find out that it was you who pulled the plug Wilbur!


Drawing at Drawing a Drawer

So Bobby and Wilbur have got bored of helping me to revise, you can tell by what they are doing to take a break. They have grabbed a pencil each and have started drawing, and of all of the things they could possibly drawer, they are drawing a drawer! What where the chances. Not only that, but they are both at the same stage in the drawing process, you could even argue that they are drawing at drawing a draw! Amazing!

Taking The Trainers for a Trek

When I said we were going for a walk, I think Wilbur took it a little too seriously, it looks like he is going for some sort of mountain trek with the size of his trainers and rucksack, there is also the slight problem that he does not need trainers to go for a walk, yet he has chosen to take mine so I won’t be able to go! I think we might have to abandon the idea of going for a walk as this is going to be rather complicated. He’s not the best at negotiating after all!

Sunbathing in the Superb Sun with Sunglasses

Wilbur is loving this superb weather, the sun, streaming through the window provided the perfect place for him to sit and soak it all up. Sunglasses on, he is ready for a good sunbathe. I don’t think he is going to get up to too much mischief today.

Beautiful Beech

I really like the detail in this photo, the leaf of the beech tree is sharply focused. The copper colour of the leaves is beautiful.

Snoozing Silently

At last, Wilbur and Bobby have wait themselves out, time for a good long snooze I think. Finally I don’t have to worry about what they might get up to next. It’s completely silent. Hopefully they won’t get up to any mischief later.

Blurred Building Beside Blossom

I love how the beauty of God’s work is the focus of this photo, while the Trent Building beside is blurred. As well designed as it is, nothing can match the incredible design of God’s handiwork. I think that is put into perspective beautifully by the focus in this photo. But it does leave the question, have I got my focus in the right place, am I focused on God, or am I bogged down by what society tells me is right, the culture in which we live. This photo is a beautiful reminder of the hope that God brings, if he shows that much love and attention to the blossom of this tree, imagine how much more he loves us, we are all hand made, in the image of our father in heaven.

“And why do you worry about clothes? See how the flowers of the field grow. They do not labor or spin. Yet I tell you that not even Solomon in all his splendor was dressed like one of these.” – Matthew 6:28-29

Colourful Cherry Tree by the Church

What a beautiful day it was yesterday, it was well worth going out on the search for cherry trees, I do love cherry blossom. The bright pink blossom is such a beautiful colour and it contrasts beautifully with the blue sky. I love how the church is captured through the blossom, what better reminder is there that God made the world!

Tantalising Tree

Wilbur thought he might be able to reach to the beautiful tree at the centre of the courtyard from the balcony, as tantalisingly close as the tree is, Wilbur just cannot reach. Probably just as well, there is a nest in the tree and we wouldn’t want him scaring the birds away, or worse, if he left the window open and the birds got in!

Spire in the Silent Sky

Last night was a beautiful night, the sky was clear, the moon was shining, there was silence. The spire of the church was standing tall, illuminated brightly, the crisp edges standing out boldly against the dark sky.

Furry Friends Forever Reading Fairytales

The furry friends have been apart for a long time but they are finally reunited! Even though they have been apart for weeks they will be friends forever. What better way to relax together than to sit down and read some fairytales. Hopefully it will keep them out of mischief, but what if it gives them new ideas… We will have to see. Hopefully nothing too bad.

Wilbur’s Wondering Why there’s Water

Wilbur woke with a jump, it was 5:03 and all was not how it should be, why? Well water was falling from the ceiling, Wilbur suggested that I should get a dish, but that was silly, the dish would only catch the flow for maybe 2 seconds, after wondering what to do for a mere second he suggested the bin, ah yes, that would do – at least for now. I’m pleased to say that the leak is now fixed and electricity has been restored. what an adventure we have been on today.