Glorious Garden Giant

From the photo, you don’t really understand just how big these flowers are. They were gigantic. The garden was beautiful and the people of the flower is glorious, I especially like the focus and how the distant flowers are less well focused.


Wonderful Walled Garden

This walled garden is so bright and colourful, it looks amazing. The flowers are all kinds of wonderful colours from hot reds and yellows to contrasting cool blues. I love it.

Wilbur’s Gone Wild for Wednesday

Oh no, after eating a whole box of Jelly Babies and his general excitement for going home at the weekend and his second Christmas, poor Wilbur just can’t contain himself. He’s gone totally wild, and I don’t think we are going to stop him. One minute he’s swinging off the curtain rail the next off the light… Ouch, that’s got to hurt, perhaps that’ll stop him. Wilbur preceded to swing off the light and is falling towards the floor. Phew. It’s not so bad, he landed on the bed. No harm done. It looks like I am going to have my work cut out. It’s just as well Wednesdays are quieter days for lectures! I need to stop him causing any more damage. I don’t think the hall managers would take well to the idea that Wilbur had a sugar rush if anything gets broken.

Fine & Focused Flower

This flower is well focused, the bright yellow petals are very striking, and the detail of the petals is exceptional given how fine they are. The black centre provides a striking contrast to the yellow petals which is very effective.

Focused Furry Flower

This flower appears almost furry, I really like the texture of the flower. The flower is focused well which draws your eye to the pink of the flower. The contrast between the pink of the flower and the green foliage is stunning and effectively makes the flower appear to pop out of the photo.

Superbly Sharp Snap

I love the quality of this photo, the colours are superb. The petals are a lovely pale pink, the yellow stamen at the centre of the snap are focused sharply and the bright yellow draws your eye.

Beautiful Beach

I love this picture, the sandy beach leads your eye into the distance. The colours are beautiful, the blue sky is reflected brilliantly by the sea making it seem inviting. The rocks in the sand add more interesting detail to the photo which I really like.

Spectacular Shadow Snapshot

I like the way that this image leads from shadow into light. It is almost like I have taken a snapshot of the garden in daylight and at night, but it is just a shadow from the gigantic tree that stands tall over the garden and blocks out the light.

Vivid View

This view is stunning, you can see so far into the distance, it is amazing, the vivid green of the fields is beautiful and leads your eye towards the distant mountains that are blue. I like the way that it appears like the colour is ombre, gradually changing from green to a blue.

My Mischievous Marmot as the Monarch

Wilbur has now unofficially been crowned as king of my room. His brand new crown suits him beautifully. However, Mr Snuffles isn’t too sure about having a mischievous marmot in charge. Perhaps Wilbur isn’t quite ready to be a monarch just yet.

Spectacular Seaside Sand, Sea & Sky

I like how this photo is composed of sand, sea and sky, the transition between the sand and the sky is truly spectacular. The seaside colours of the yellow sand and the blue sky create a warmth in the photo which is really effective.

Wonderful Water Lily

The colours of this photo are beautiful, I love the bright pink of the water lily flower. The contrast between the bright pink of the petals and the dark water in the background is wonderful and makes the flower more eye catching.