Vivid Valley

I love this photo. The vivid green of the grass and blue of the lake is very striking. I like how the valley draws your eye into the distance; as the hills get closer together and curve around, your eye is also led which is effective.

Superb Scenery

I really like photos taken using my crystal ball, I love how you can see the image close up and focused as well as the blurred image in the distance. I especially like the colours in this photo. The superbly complementing blues and greens create a calm and soothing atmosphere. The scenery around Ennerdale, where I took this photo is beautiful.

Pleasantly Peaceful Pool

This pool is so natural, surrounded by trees which overhang the water. The calmness of the water is stunning making for a peaceful, undisturbed atmosphere. The colours are pleasant, the various shades of green are cool and calming which I think are really nice.

Dramatic Daredevil Dive

Oh no, Wilbur is about to dive into the pond! Wilbur stop, you have only just dried out from being washed, you don’t want to jump into there. Wilbur says he wants to be a daredevil! Aww great, looks like we are going to have a problem. He’s back up to his old mischievous ways again. I had hoped that the washing machine fiasco would have been enough, clearly I was wrong. We might need a dramatic rescue if we can’t stop him, thankfully there is a life ring over there, it might just come in useful.

Secrets of the Splashing Stream

This is a soothing photo, the colours are calm and cool, the green of the grass is lush and natural. The stream winds along, splashing quietly over rocks. The place is special, undisturbed as a result it feels secretive and safe.

Different Daisy

I love this photo. The daisy is focused so well that your eye is drawn directly to it. The colour of the daisy is a beautiful pink which is different to the normal white, this creates excitement and adds interest to my photo. The light pink of the petals and the green of the grass complement each other beautifully to create an atmosphere that is calm and soothing.

Beautiful Bluebells

The dappled light in this photo create interest and excitement. The bluebells are looking beautiful amongst the trees, their blue flowers creating a calm and soothing atmosphere. The trees themselves add detail to the photo with their mossy bark catching the light.

Blossoming Brilliantly Bright

This blossom is focussed beautifully and is brilliantly catching the bright sunlight. The blue sky behind combined with the white of the blossom creates a calm atmosphere which is really effective.

Perfectly Pink Plant’s Petals

I love the bright pink petals of this flower. The focus is perfect, the detail on the plant’s petals is really good, the veins look so intricate. Then looking a little closer, you can see the detail on the stamen of the flower which is really well focused, this adds interest and excitement which is really effective.

Finely Focused and Frilly Flower

I like the frilly petals on this flower. The focus is good too, the fine petals are so delicate made even more special by the beautiful pink colour of the petals. The tiny flowers are clustered together to form a larger flower head, I like this effect.

Wilbur’s Washing Machine Woes

Poor Wilbur, after getting wet in the washing up bowl last week, his only real option was to have a good old wash in the washing machine. Having coaxed him in with cheese, who doesn’t like a bit of cheese, I managed to close the door telling him that the washing machine would be a lot more exciting than the bath. He looked apprehensive at first, but when we told him he couldn’t have a cuddle until he was washed, he decided that he didn’t really have an option. He had to face up to the word of being washed. Hopefully he will enjoy the experience, spinning around and around at 600 RPM. If he doesn’t like it, it might knock some sense into him and reduce his mischief. We will have to wait and see.

Wonderful Woodland

This woodland is so calm and quiet, the bluebells are wonderful and have spread so far throughout the wood that you can’t see the end of them. I like the minimal number of colours, the blues, greens and browns create a calm and soothing atmosphere.