Superb Spiral

The flowers in this photo have been planted in such a way that they create a spiral. This is really effective as your eye is drawn around and around to the focal point in the centre. The lighting is also superb, the shadows around the edge make it appear as though the centre is in a spotlight which further helps to draw you in.


Trouble on the Tree

Oh dear, just as o thought that Wilbur was beginning to settle, he’s up to his old ways again. What a troublesome marmot he is. It looks like he has found something in the tree. What have you found Wilbur? Wilbur says, he hasn’t found anything, he’s just got himself a little stuck. Just as well you are at the bottom Wilbur! Any higher up and I wouldn’t have been able to get you down. He’s safe and sound now. Phew! Let’s get you home Wilbur.

Lovely Lakeside

I love this photo. The fountain in the distance is a nice focal point that attracts your attention. The flowers bordering the lake are a lovely addition of colour. The lake itself looks beautiful with the gentle rippling of the water.

Pretty Purple Plant

The purple of this flower is beautiful, the contrast with the yellow stamen is pretty making the plant draw attention to itself. The focus on the stamen is really good and I like the shadows that the petals cast across the plant.

Flurry of Fantastic Flowers

The colours of these flowers are stunning, the pinks, purples and blues complement each other beautifully. The sheer number of tiny flowers is fantastic, they are so numerous that they appear like a flurry of snow, just with a much bolder presence with their bright colours.

Beautiful Border

I like the way that this flower bed borders the lake. The grass around the border along with the parallel paths makes for a beautifully, almost symmetrical appearance. The flowers in the border are pretty too adding extra detail to the photo.

Fantastic Fountain

I love the tranquility of this photo, the lake is smooth and still. The fountain at the centre is spraying it water as only a fountain can, or I suppose there could be a whale, no that’s just silly. The trees around the edge of the pond are fantastic adding tranquility and peacefulness with their natural green colour.

Tremendous Trees

I love this photo. The trees line the path beautifully, the shape of the trees are really nice too, this creates softness which when combined with the green of the leaves creates a soothing atmosphere. The flowers around the bottom of the tree also add a tremendous pop of colour to brighten up the photo, this makes it more exciting.

Peaceful at the Pagoda’s Picnic Place

It looks like Wilbur is continuing to rest and relax, the colours of the place are soothing and calm, perhaps the close call with the basket ball hoop has been a wake up call to Wilbur, maybe he is going to end his mischievous ways for good. It looks like he is waiting in the pagoda for his friends teddy and cuddles, for one of their regular teddy bears picnic. He looks so peaceful, let’s hope it lasts.

Contrasting Colours

I like how the yellow of the stamen contrast with the dark purple of the petals. This creates a sense of tension in the photo and makes the stamen seem to burst out of the photo. The focus is also good and gives a sense of depth.

Plants Planted Prettily Including in the Planter

I like this photo. This garden looks so beautiful, the plants have been planted nicely. I especially like the placement of the planter at the centre of the lawn. The purple flowers around the edge are pretty and complement with the pink roses in the foreground.

Colourful Castle

I really like the vibrancy of the colours in this photo. The lush green of the grass and the bright blue of the sky complement each other beautifully. The castle is a much darker colour making it appear bold and intimidating. I love the shape of the clipped hedges add trees, this softens the hard edges of the castle.