Revising Really Rigorously


Clambering Carelessly for Chocolate

Well, the lid is off and the toys are clambering carelessly for the chocolate. The chocolates have gone everywhere, oh no! Now they are scrambling to get the flavours they like best. This could end badly for everyone.

Climbing the Christmas Tree for Chocolate: a Christmas Catastrophe

Having failed to open their box of Heroes for over a week, the crew decided to attempt to climb the Christmas tree to get the last Chocolates from there. As you can imagine, it didn’t go well, Mr Snuggles and Wilbur helped to get the others to the top with Cuddles next and Teddy providing the final boost for Hugs, the smallest of the group to reach the top. Unfortunately catastrophe struck and the furry friends toppled falling softly to the ground, fortunately no-one was hurt. Wilbur managed to grab a chocolate while he was climbing the tree. So he is happy. I think it will be safer if I help to open their box of Heroes.

Playing in the Packaging

It looks like Wilbur is having fun. He has found a large cardboard box to play in. It’s big enough to hide in! Wilbur loves to play hide and seek and this packaging will be the perfect place to hide from the rest of the crew next time they play. He can’t wait to play hide and seek again.

Merry Marmot

Happy Christmas!
Wilbur is so excited, this is his second ever Christmas. He loves the excitement and of course his rather fetching Santa hat. Wilbur is wondering what Santa has left for him this year. He looks like such a merry Marmot, and rightly so. Happy Christmas to you too Wilbur.

Delightful Daisies

I love this photo, the daisies are beautiful, there are hundreds of them. The combination of pink and white daisies are delightful and soften the otherwise hard edges of the steps.

Green & Geometric Garden

I like the natural colours of this photo, the green of the bushes and grass in the garden and the grey of the castle complements nicely. I like the geometric shapes of the bushes, they lead you through the garden and towards the castle.

Superb Signet Snapshot

I love this snapshot, the natural greens and greys complement each other beautifully and create a calm and relaxing atmosphere. The signet on the pond is captured beautifully alongside the superb reflection.

Stationary Swan Standing Still

That swan looks really scary as it stands stationary in the centre of the lawn, it clearly wants to stand still and protect its young. I tell you, trying to get past it was fun and games.

My Marmot’s Munching Multiple Mince Pies

Oh dear, Wilbur has found the mince pies. I’ve never seen a marmot that likes them as much as Wilbur. My, my! He does have an appetite! He’s munched his way through multiple. I should have kept them hidden.

Silly Swan

Haha, the baby swan looks so silly with its head under water, it looks like their friend is about to take a dip too. The ripples in the water are interesting too and ripple out from the swans.

Lovely Leaves

I really like how you can just make out the castle through the leaves. The leaves are a beautiful colour, the red and green of the leaves are really vivid. This contrasts with the dull grey of the castle.