Passionately Purple Petals Populating Plant Pedicels Protruding from the Peduncle

This flower is beautiful, I love the colour of the flowers, the purple is vivid, yet complements the green grass effectively. The focus is good and the photo is taken at close range so that the detail in the flower is not lost. I think that this is really effective and helps to create a realistic looking photo.
I presume that you are intrigued to know what a pedicel is and what a peduncle is; well, don’t you worry. I found on the internet, when looking for exciting words beginning with P the above 2 words and was intrigued myself. According to the internet, a pedicel is a mini stem that holds an individual flower head while a peduncle is the main stem of the plant, therefore the pedicels all meet the peduncle. If you happen to be an expert in peduncles and pedicels, feel free to correct me if I am wrong. I would be intrigued to hear more.

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