Detailed Dahlia Doesn’t Disappoint

The detail in this dahlia flower head is amazing, the focus captures each petal effectively and they appear sharp and clean. The bright white petals certainly do not disappoint, I especially like how the colour changes towards the middle. The purple at the centre is quite tame, but provides extra colour, without which the dahlia flower just would not look the same, in fact it becomes the focal point, drawing your eye to the centre.

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  1. Timo Gärtner says:

    Hi Joshua,

    great photos. I really like them.

    Have you taken the photos with the Lumia 550? I can’t believe.

    Which program do you use for editing?


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    1. Hi Timo, I just use the Lumia 550’s 5 megapixel camera! I use no editing software, just the camera app that came preinstalled. I upload my photos directly from the photos app without making any changes. I am really pleased that you like them.


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