Wilbur’s Wilderness Weekend – Campfire

Uh oh, that looks like fire, Wilbur, Wilbur! Are you ok? Fire is dangerous Wilbur! You will singe your fur. Come away from the fire Wilbur. How did you even manage to light the campfire?
Phew, Wilbur says he’s fine, he just wanted to get the whole wilderness experience by going wild camping, and in true camping style, the rain is pouring. Wilbur does not like getting wet, so he has set up a nice tent for himself. Consequently he is keeping his distance from the fire – at the moment at least. Thank goodness for that!
Wilbur really likes this photo, he loves how the vivid orange flames contrast with the luscious green of the wild undergrowth creating a dramatic atmosphere. He loves the undergrowth, so many things to see and do. He loves to find berries and other food.

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