Wilbur’s Wilderness Weekend – Marshmallows

Well, Wilbur’s wild weekend is drawing to a close, after a night away from home, camping in the Wilderness, he is just toasting some marshmallows before he gets ready to put out the fire and return home. Wait a minute! Did I just say, Wilbur was toasting marshmallows – on a fire? Wilbur! Wilbur! Be careful with that, marshmallows get hot and sticky, if you get it in your fur, it will burn you and will stick and never come out! On the bright side, it looks as though he has the sense to use a long stick to avoid getting burned while toasting them! I can’t stop him though, that would not be fair. Wilbur absolutely loves the wilderness, his weekend camping experience has been brilliant for him. He has enjoyed camping and exploring the undergrowth and nature that surrounded him, from eating berries to toasting marshmallows, this wilderness experience will not be forgotten – shame about the rain though.

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