Sidelined Souterrain & Solo Specimen

When we were in Scotland, we went to some earth house (also known as souterrains) they were amazing to see. Historians think that they were used by people who lived in round houses as cellars, but no one knows for sure. They have since been sidelined as people moved to live in brick houses, this means that they no longer have roofs and are in a state of disrepair. The weather was really nice while we were there. This of course made it a perfect place to take a photo. I really like the delicacy of dandelion clocks, when I saw this solo dandelion clock I thought it would make a perfect specimen for the photo. I wanted to capture the history of the souterrain and somehow manage to get the dandelion in too to make the photo really interesting. I think that I have done this effectively and am really pleased with this photo. I finally got the angle right so that you can see the dandelion clearly in the centre which draws your eye first, yet have managed to get the narrow passageway of the abandoned earth house in too, this is set back but having initially drawn your eye, the dandelion soon becomes forgotten as you become engrossed in the historic earth house. The natural colours are really calm and soothing and with the sun in the sky, the shadows cast create interest too.


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  1. humanity777 says:

    Love it – most homeowners would love only one weed…

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