Bravely Climbing Big Beanstalk

Woah, Wilbur! What are you doing up that beanstalk? Come down from there, you know what happened to Jack when he climbed his beanstalk. Oops, I should probably not have made reference to Jack and the beanstalk. I used to read that book to Wilbur, he is petrified of it. As soon as I mentioned it Wilbur gripped tighter onto the plant, having been so brave while ascending, it seems that the big beanstalk is too much for him. How are you going to get down Wilbur? It doesn’t look like Wilbur is going to be coming down any time soon. Come down Wilbur, come on now. Oh dear, it looks like I am going to have to go and rescue him from the top of the beanstalk… Some time later: Phew, well done Wilbur, we have made it back down the beanstalk, don’t worry, you are safe now.


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