Bright and Beautiful

The colours of this photo are beautiful. I love how the bright orange of the flowers contrasts with the green of the foliage. The shape of the flowers are also beautiful and the focus is good.


Beautiful Boathouse

I love the natural feeling of this photo. The pink flowers along with the green foliage soften the foreground beautifully. The boathouse in the distance is reflected stunningly by the water in the lake.

Lively Yellow Like a Lemon

Pow, you don’t need me to tell you to look at the yellower than a lemon yellow of the petals of these flowers. The stunning contrast with the darkened background is all that is needed to make the flowers jump out at you in a lively manner and grab your attention.

Wonderful Weeping Willow

The weeping willow by the water’s edge is wonderful. The blue sky and the green of the leaves complement each other beautifully to make for a soothing atmosphere. The way the leaves of the weeping willow seem to flow I to the pond is really effective.

Pretty Pond

The sun has provided beautiful lighting for this photo. The colours appear bright and beautiful. The pond is pretty, with the ducks doing their thing, oblivious to the fact that I am studying just metres away taking their photos. I love the peacefulness and calmness.

Superb Sunset

The colours in the sunset are beautiful, the oranges and yellows are warm and friendly, they contrast strikingly with the darkness that is setting in across the whole place. I think it is superb how as the light is leaving for the night how the strip of water can still find a bit to reflect. The strip of water leads your eye into the distance and towards the sky.

Bold, Bright Border

I love the bright orange of the flowers in this border. The colour is very striking. This contrasts boldly with the purple of the lavender which appears to have been planted to make a symmetrical border. I think that this makes it very striking and creates a tense atmosphere.

Boldly Blooming

The bold purple of this flower is very striking. I like the ombre between a lighter brighter purple and the much darker purple nearer the edges of the petals. The blooming flower draws your eye right in to the centre which is really effective.

Fantastic Frilly Flowers

There was no expense spared with these flowers, they have all of the frills. The petals, if that’s what you can even call them are a fantastic purple. The frilly bits on the other hand make the flowers seem to burst out of the photo. I really like the effect of this.

Superb Symmetry

I like the symmetry of this photo. The bright green grass on either side of the path leads your eye into the distance. The funny temple thing at the bottom of the garden is the focal point that your eye is drawn to. I like how the trees hanging down from above the photo help to soften the photo and tie the green of the grass in with the green of the leaves.

Pink Petals looking Perfect in the Photo

I like this photo. The flower is well focused, the detail is perfectly captured. The pink petals are warm and inviting meanwhile the yellow stamen draw your eye deeper into the flower.

Colourful Contrast

I really like the pale pink colours of the petals in this flower. The shape is interesting too, I like how the centre of the flower is folded tightly as though the bud is yet to open fully.