Wonderful Walled Garden

This walled garden is so bright and colourful, it looks amazing. The flowers are all kinds of wonderful colours from hot reds and yellows to contrasting cool blues. I love it.


Fine & Focused Flower

This flower is well focused, the bright yellow petals are very striking, and the detail of the petals is exceptional given how fine they are. The black centre provides a striking contrast to the yellow petals which is very effective.

Beautiful Beach

I love this picture, the sandy beach leads your eye into the distance. The colours are beautiful, the blue sky is reflected brilliantly by the sea making it seem inviting. The rocks in the sand add more interesting detail to the photo which I really like.

Spectacular Seaside Sand, Sea & Sky

I like how this photo is composed of sand, sea and sky, the transition between the sand and the sky is truly spectacular. The seaside colours of the yellow sand and the blue sky create a warmth in the photo which is really effective.

Wonderful Water Lily

The colours of this photo are beautiful, I love the bright pink of the water lily flower. The contrast between the bright pink of the petals and the dark water in the background is wonderful and makes the flower more eye catching.

Magnificent Monument

I really like this photo, the monument on the hill is magnificent, it really draws your eye to it as it is the clear focal point. The colours of this photo are natural, the green grass, blue sky and white monument effectively complement each other create a soothing, calm atmosphere.

Tremendously Thorny Thistle

The focus of this photo is tremendous, I love the detail of the flower, the thorns on the side are also sharp; both in focus and in their nature. I love the colours, the bright green is lush and is a beautiful contrast to the purple of the thistle flower.

Rose at Rose Castle

This rose is a beautiful colour, I took the photo in the grounds of Rose Castle, rather appropriately named I think. The colours are natural, the green leaves complement the pale yellow of the rose beautifully. The shapes of the flowers are nice too, I like how tightly packed they are, it makes the photo more interesting.

Bee Balancing on a Beautiful Ball

I really like this photo, the bee looks like it is balancing on the ball of the flower. The colour of the flower is beautiful too, it is a pretty shade of purple.

Pretty Pink Poppy

The detail of this photo is well focused, the small pricked down the stalk appear crisp while the pink Poppy flower is sharply focused too allowing you to see the pretty ridges in the petals that make it so much more special.

Spectacularly Striking Sweet William

This Sweet William is a spectacular, the colours are so bold that they capture your attention immediately. The vivid pinky purple flowers contrast strikingly with the white of the petals borders creating a tense atmosphere.

Leeks Left too Long

When a leek is left too long, it goes to seed, that is exactly what has happened here. I love the shape of the seed head that has formed as a result, the pointy bud is filled with little seeds and is well focused which captures your attention.