Wilbur’s Writing Websites!

Woah, it looks like Bobby and Wilbur are going to help me to build my website! Wilbur has taken the keyboard and it looks as though Bobby had got the mouse, leaves me a little redundant really. What a great job they have done. Still a lot of work to go until it is finished though. Why not checkout the website that Wilbur has been writing at http://www.capturedupclose.com just don’t expect it to work perfectly yet, after all, Bobby and Wilbur have unleashed their – let’s call it creativity on it. Hmm.


Colourful Campus

I really like this photo, the skyline looking over Jubilee Campus is colourful and the shapes of the buildings are so unique. I love the colours as the sun catches the buildings as it rises.

Canada Geese are Careful in the Cold

The Canada Geese look as though they must be really cold, I wouldn’t fancy standing on the ice in my bare feet. It does look as though they are being careful though. The cold colours in the photo create a calm and peaceful atmosphere, rather a contrast to the chaos that the snow has caused over the past few days.

Wonderful Windmill

I really like this photo, the blue sky provides a beautiful, calm background for the windmill. The grey stonework complements nicely with the sky creating a calm atmosphere. The sails themselves are a wonderful shape, so delicate yet so large. It’s amazing how many floors there are, just look at all of the windows!

Beautiful Border

I really like this photo. The grass path draws your eye into the distance while the beautiful pinks, yellows and blues of the flowers in the border keep grabbing your attention along the way. The hedge to the right creates a nice border to the photo, it has been shaped so precisely. The texture that this adds to the photo is really effective. It’s so nice to take time out to look more closely at God’s wonderful creation and to really appreciate it. It is so easy to take it for granted.

Stunning Sun & Silhouettes

I love this picture, the sky is stunning, it reminds me of the song ‘Who paints the skies’ it’s so good to look upon God’s creation in it’s stunning beauty and to remember that he created it all, he has the power to do anything. The silhouettes in the distance are stunning, I like how these have lost their detail and how you can focus totally on the beauty of the sun.

Lakeside Library

The reflection of the library in the lake is stunning, I really like how the lights at the edge of the library add brightness to the photo and a little warmth to contrast with the coldness of the rest of the colours and the fact that when I took this photo it was so cold that the lake was beginning to freeze over.

Perfect Postbox

I really like this photo, I like the contrast between the red of the postbox and the whit snow, the vibrancy of the red really draws your attention. The snow is also well focused and gives the post box a nice texture.

Delightful Daisies

I love this photo, the daisies are beautiful, there are hundreds of them. The combination of pink and white daisies are delightful and soften the otherwise hard edges of the steps.

Stationary Swan Standing Still

That swan looks really scary as it stands stationary in the centre of the lawn, it clearly wants to stand still and protect its young. I tell you, trying to get past it was fun and games.

Silly Swan

Haha, the baby swan looks so silly with its head under water, it looks like their friend is about to take a dip too. The ripples in the water are interesting too and ripple out from the swans.

Lovely Leaves

I really like how you can just make out the castle through the leaves. The leaves are a beautiful colour, the red and green of the leaves are really vivid. This contrasts with the dull grey of the castle.