Dramatic Daredevil Dive

Oh no, Wilbur is about to dive into the pond! Wilbur stop, you have only just dried out from being washed, you don’t want to jump into there. Wilbur says he wants to be a daredevil! Aww great, looks like we are going to have a problem. He’s back up to his old mischievous ways again. I had hoped that the washing machine fiasco would have been enough, clearly I was wrong. We might need a dramatic rescue if we can’t stop him, thankfully there is a life ring over there, it might just come in useful.

Wilbur’s Washing Machine Woes

Poor Wilbur, after getting wet in the washing up bowl last week, his only real option was to have a good old wash in the washing machine. Having coaxed him in with cheese, who doesn’t like a bit of cheese, I managed to close the door telling him that the washing machine would be a lot more exciting than the bath. He looked apprehensive at first, but when we told him he couldn’t have a cuddle until he was washed, he decided that he didn’t really have an option. He had to face up to the word of being washed. Hopefully he will enjoy the experience, spinning around and around at 600 RPM. If he doesn’t like it, it might knock some sense into him and reduce his mischief. We will have to wait and see.

Wilbur’s Wildly Washing Up

What are you doing Wilbur? Is that washing up liquid? Wait, are you going to do some washing up? That’s not a good idea, you might fall in. Uh oh, Wilbur, be careful, you are about to fall in. Oh dear, I can’t watch, Wilbur has fallen in the washing up bowl and is splashing around wildly, he’s going to make such a mess. Look at the mess that you have made! You have got bubbles everywhere, I told you to be careful! From his cheeky face, rubber gloves and shower cap combo, I think he planned to jump in, he just wanted to play with the bubbles. What a mischievous marmot he is.

Potential Pollen Problem

Oh, what have you found there Wilbur? Those lilies look very nice. Just don’t get too close. The pollen might stain your fur, and you know how much you hate baths. Uh oh, we have a problem, Wilbur is about to sneeze, the pollen must have gone up his nose. Quick Wilbur, get back from the lilies, you could potentially damage them with a big marmot sneeze like yours!

Wilbur’s Getting Washed

After last week’s washing machine fiasco, I managed to persuade Wilbur to have a bath. It wasn’t easy, but eventually Wilbur agreed that the washing machine would have made him just too dizzy, but he acknowledged that he needed a wash. However, he did give me one condition, I wasn’t to get his ears wet. As a result, I had to put a shower cap on his head, and I must say, it does look rather fetching on you Wilbur!

Wilbur Wondering about a Wash in the Washing Machine

Phew just in time. Wilbur was wondering about having a wash in the washing machine! He’s never liked baths, but I think the washing machine is a step too far to avoid taking a bath. Stop Wilbur, stop, taking nn g a wash in there will make you very dizzy, and we don’t want that.

Drilling Dangerously

Oh no, Wilbur has got his hands on a huge drill. Wilbur, be careful. Oh no, he can’t hear me because he has his earmuffs on. Wilbur, Wilbur! How am I going to stop him. Wilbur that could be dangerous. Uh oh, he’s pulling the trigger, the drill bit is spinning furiously. Hold on to your hats! Run away! We might no make it out alive, we can only hope that Wilbur let’s go of the trigger soon or that the battery goes flat. Drills are not made for marmots, he seems to be enjoying himself though. There’s no stopping him. At least Wilbur is wearing suitable safety gear though. I think we are going to have to get a painter and decorator in after this fiasco. Oh dear. Why does Dad have to leave equipment lying around like that!

Wilbur Wondering Why there is a Window

What? Why is there a window in this tree? It sounds like Wilbur is confused. What are you confused about Wilbur? Wilbur says he doesn’t understand why there is a window in the tree. Well, Wilbur. Why do you think there is a window? Wilbur says he has been wondering but still has no idea. Well, I think it might be a fairy house! What do you think about that Wilbur? Wilbur says he thinks that it is a good explanation. Yes, it must be a fairy house!

Wilbur is Watching the Water Wheel

Oh, Wilbur! You are looking a bit dizzy there! Have you been watching that water wheel again. Of course you have. Round and round, following every move, circling your head, like a dog and a washing machine. Oh no! Dizzy Wilbur alert. Don’t lean on we those railings! Oops. Phew. Caught just in time. That was close Wilbur! Perhaps I had better spin you the other way. There. Is that better?

Fantastic Fungi with this Fun Guy

Look who it is! Wilbur is on the loose, and look what he has found. On his woodland advanture he came across these fungi, the natural colours are, I am going to use the word soothing. But really, they are a bit dull, the dark green and the brown, they are nothing really special. But at least Wilbur, our own fun guy (see what I did there) seems to be enjoying himself. A very natural setting. Enjoy the rest of your day Wilbur, and don’t go eating those fungi or you may not be a fun guy for much longer.

Wilbur by the Waterside

Oh Wilbur! What have I told you about getting to close to water? Wilbur says he is enjoying himself sitting on the fence. Oh Wilbur, please come down, you are ever so close to the waterside! It looks as though he’s about to fall. Uh oh. Phew! Just in time I grabbed his paw and stopped him from falling. I need to keep a closer eye on him.

Wilbur Wrapped in the Wheel

Oh, hello Wilbur! What are you doing? I see you seem to have got yourself wrapped up in the wheel, do you need any help? Wilbur says he’s fine, he’s just hiding. Are you sure your not stuck? Wilbur says he’s perfectly comfortable. Well, you certainly don’t look comfortable Wilbur! But never mind, I suppose you will be fine as long as the cart does not get moved.