Wilbur Wondering Why there is a Window

What? Why is there a window in this tree? It sounds like Wilbur is confused. What are you confused about Wilbur? Wilbur says he doesn’t understand why there is a window in the tree. Well, Wilbur. Why do you think there is a window? Wilbur says he has been wondering but still has no idea. Well, I think it might be a fairy house! What do you think about that Wilbur? Wilbur says he thinks that it is a good explanation. Yes, it must be a fairy house!

Wilbur is Watching the Water Wheel

Oh, Wilbur! You are looking a bit dizzy there! Have you been watching that water wheel again. Of course you have. Round and round, following every move, circling your head, like a dog and a washing machine. Oh no! Dizzy Wilbur alert. Don’t lean on we those railings! Oops. Phew. Caught just in time. That was close Wilbur! Perhaps I had better spin you the other way. There. Is that better?

Fantastic Fungi with this Fun Guy

Look who it is! Wilbur is on the loose, and look what he has found. On his woodland advanture he came across these fungi, the natural colours are, I am going to use the word soothing. But really, they are a bit dull, the dark green and the brown, they are nothing really special. But at least Wilbur, our own fun guy (see what I did there) seems to be enjoying himself. A very natural setting. Enjoy the rest of your day Wilbur, and don’t go eating those fungi or you may not be a fun guy for much longer.

Wilbur by the Waterside

Oh Wilbur! What have I told you about getting to close to water? Wilbur says he is enjoying himself sitting on the fence. Oh Wilbur, please come down, you are ever so close to the waterside! It looks as though he’s about to fall. Uh oh. Phew! Just in time I grabbed his paw and stopped him from falling. I need to keep a closer eye on him.

Wilbur Wrapped in the Wheel

Oh, hello Wilbur! What are you doing? I see you seem to have got yourself wrapped up in the wheel, do you need any help? Wilbur says he’s fine, he’s just hiding. Are you sure your not stuck? Wilbur says he’s perfectly comfortable. Well, you certainly don’t look comfortable Wilbur! But never mind, I suppose you will be fine as long as the cart does not get moved.

Marmot Mischief with the Mill race

Uh oh, Wilbur seems to be up to his usual mischief again. It looks as though he is heading for the mill race! Oh no, he could open the sluice gate and that could cause some serious issues down stream. I’d better stop him before he causes any serious damage. What a mischievous marmot Wilbur is!

Marmot on the Move

Wilbur has found a new mode of transport, it looks like he could be on the mobe although, it does not look as though he has anything to pull his caravan. Or perhaps he has found a place to stay close to where he is making his protest, the perfect size and colour for a marmot. Wilbur says that he likes to sit on the top step and think marmot thoughts. Aww, cute. Let’s leave him to it.

Animals Are Accepting Admissions

decoration:none;’>Wilbur has decided to make a stand for admissions, he is confident that he can get price list to include marmots! Wilbur has decided that if he and his other animal friends are on admissions that his plea might be accepted. We will have to see how this pans out, I don’t think he is likely to get anywhere though. What do you think?

Wilbur is Welcome

Wilbur has come to Acorn Bank Gardens, but can’t quite make out the price for a marmot. There are adults, children, families? No mention of marmots. I told Wilbur that as he is part of the family he we can just get a family ticket and that will allow him to get in with us. Wilbur says that sounds like a good idea but would like to ask @ntacornbank why there are no prices for marmots?

Marmot Manor

Wilbur seems to have found a little house in the woods. He says that he thinks that for marmots it is a wonderful spot to rest. He likes the wooden walls and roof but admits that it is a little small for human use. Although Wilbur also says, that for a small marmot like himself, that it is like a manor, big and specious and decorated in tradotional marmot style, he just won’t invite too many friends over at once.

Buiscuit Baking Buddies

Wilbur, are you making biscuits again? What was that, you are? Yippee! Who doesn’t love a biscuit, just try not to get fur in them this time! I see that cuddles has joined you for your baking bonanza. You do like to bake with your buddy Cuddles don’t you Wilbur?
Lets just hope that the baking does not get out of hand, you know how enthusiastic Wilbur can get, even at the best of times, we can only hope that there are no disasters this time.

Stretching for Snowdrops from the Seat

Wilbur, what are you doing? Oh I see. It looks as though Wilbur has found a quiet woodland seat surrounded by snowdrops. What a beautiful, calm location! It’s a shame Wilbur rocked up, as calming situations don’t seem to suite him very well. While the colours remain natural and soothing creating a peaceful atmosphere it seems that Wilbur is more interested in stretching to pick some of the snowdrops, rather than taking a moment out to take in the surroundings. Ah well, at least there are no other people around.