Wilbur in the Wardrobe

Well, it looks like Wilbur is looking for the perfect attire for tonight’s formal dinner, I am going to need to rearrange my wardrobe now – great! I don’t really want to break it to him that marmots are not really allowed to come to the formal. Perhaps if I get him a pizza he will be happy, after all, he has picked out the perfect combination for me to wear. Thanks Wilbur, it suits you too, I just don’t think it is quite the right size! I wonder if it would fit Mr Snuggles any better? I will have to see over Easter.


Wilbur’s Writing Websites!

Woah, it looks like Bobby and Wilbur are going to help me to build my website! Wilbur has taken the keyboard and it looks as though Bobby had got the mouse, leaves me a little redundant really. What a great job they have done. Still a lot of work to go until it is finished though. Why not checkout the website that Wilbur has been writing at http://www.capturedupclose.com just don’t expect it to work perfectly yet, after all, Bobby and Wilbur have unleashed their – let’s call it creativity on it. Hmm.

Spectacular Snow

Overnight it snowed, waking up this morning to a spectacular blanket of white, was a nice surprise. nice to look at, less practical when it comes to things like walking. I love how each individual snowflake is unique, designed by God. Another reminder when we look around that there is someone, a greater creator, who is responsible for making all of the beautiful things around us.

Standing Staring at the Swirling Snow

Wilbur and Bobby have had a nice, warm day in, they were so excited to see the snow from the window, but decided that it was more fun to stand and stare and watch the snowflakes swirl and whirl through the sky than go out and get all cold and damp. What a good decision! You could even go as far as to say that they have had a pretty chilled day, but perhaps that’s a step too far for these two mischiefs.

Beasts Breaking out

Oh no, it looks as though Bobby and Wilbur are breaking out of my room to go for an adventure. They have not been out on their own before. I don’t think I like the idea of my tame beasts going around the halls of residence alone. Hopefully they will see sense and change their minds. I guess I will see.

Restlessly Resenting the Rain

Wilbur and Bobby were about to go for an adventure, then they looked out and saw that it was raining. They have sat indoors looking outside for the rest of the day resenting the weather. At least it wasn’t raining for the fire alarm at 2am or whatever silly time it was. Hopefully they will find something else to do with their time – hopefully something useful. Not likely.

Sleeping Soundly after Studying Software

Wilbur and Bobby have been working tirelessly, they are loving working together on their software development project but it looks like reading their latest book was just too much. They have been studying so much, by the looks of things, a little too much. Time for a good old sleep! I can certainly sympathise with them! Bobby didn’t even make it under the covers, he just fell into a sound sleep right where he was. Wilbur on the other hand, like any sensible marmot got tucked in first. He sure does know how to make himself comfortable!

Cleverly Coding using Classes

Wilbur and Bobby have teamed up again. This time they have the ambition to become software engineers – which of course requires good communication and teamwork – so that could be a laugh. Having said that, it looks like Bobby is keeping Wilbur in check with the software engineering principles while Wilbur is learning how to write the code in Java. It looks like he has got off to a good start. What’s the program that you have started to write there? Haha, of course, you have written a zoo program with different animal classes, although, I can’t help but notice that there is no cow and no marmot class. I still can’t believe what you have learned, how clever of you!

Hide & Seek Havoc

Wilbur and Bobby are playing hide and seek together, but unfortunately they managed to have a big mix up – I know, it’s such a simple game. But somehow in this havoc they managed to both hide. Please help me to find them.

Revising Really Rigorously

Well, there is a thing called the rubber duck method where speaking your revision to a rubber duck is supposed to help you remember, it looks like Wilbur is polishing up his own knowledge in order to help me to revise for my upcoming exams. He has got all of the notes out and has been revising them rigorously. Hopefully his new knowledge will really help when I am revising

Clambering Carelessly for Chocolate

Well, the lid is off and the toys are clambering carelessly for the chocolate. The chocolates have gone everywhere, oh no! Now they are scrambling to get the flavours they like best. This could end badly for everyone.

Climbing the Christmas Tree for Chocolate: a Christmas Catastrophe

Having failed to open their box of Heroes for over a week, the crew decided to attempt to climb the Christmas tree to get the last Chocolates from there. As you can imagine, it didn’t go well, Mr Snuggles and Wilbur helped to get the others to the top with Cuddles next and Teddy providing the final boost for Hugs, the smallest of the group to reach the top. Unfortunately catastrophe struck and the furry friends toppled falling softly to the ground, fortunately no-one was hurt. Wilbur managed to grab a chocolate while he was climbing the tree. So he is happy. I think it will be safer if I help to open their box of Heroes.