Clambering Carelessly for Chocolate

Well, the lid is off and the toys are clambering carelessly for the chocolate. The chocolates have gone everywhere, oh no! Now they are scrambling to get the flavours they like best. This could end badly for everyone.


Climbing the Christmas Tree for Chocolate: a Christmas Catastrophe

Having failed to open their box of Heroes for over a week, the crew decided to attempt to climb the Christmas tree to get the last Chocolates from there. As you can imagine, it didn’t go well, Mr Snuggles and Wilbur helped to get the others to the top with Cuddles next and Teddy providing the final boost for Hugs, the smallest of the group to reach the top. Unfortunately catastrophe struck and the furry friends toppled falling softly to the ground, fortunately no-one was hurt. Wilbur managed to grab a chocolate while he was climbing the tree. So he is happy. I think it will be safer if I help to open their box of Heroes.

Playing in the Packaging

It looks like Wilbur is having fun. He has found a large cardboard box to play in. It’s big enough to hide in! Wilbur loves to play hide and seek and this packaging will be the perfect place to hide from the rest of the crew next time they play. He can’t wait to play hide and seek again.

Merry Marmot

Happy Christmas!
Wilbur is so excited, this is his second ever Christmas. He loves the excitement and of course his rather fetching Santa hat. Wilbur is wondering what Santa has left for him this year. He looks like such a merry Marmot, and rightly so. Happy Christmas to you too Wilbur.

Wilbur’s Gone Wild for Wednesday

Oh no, after eating a whole box of Jelly Babies and his general excitement for going home at the weekend and his second Christmas, poor Wilbur just can’t contain himself. He’s gone totally wild, and I don’t think we are going to stop him. One minute he’s swinging off the curtain rail the next off the light… Ouch, that’s got to hurt, perhaps that’ll stop him. Wilbur preceded to swing off the light and is falling towards the floor. Phew. It’s not so bad, he landed on the bed. No harm done. It looks like I am going to have my work cut out. It’s just as well Wednesdays are quieter days for lectures! I need to stop him causing any more damage. I don’t think the hall managers would take well to the idea that Wilbur had a sugar rush if anything gets broken.

My Mischievous Marmot as the Monarch

Wilbur has now unofficially been crowned as king of my room. His brand new crown suits him beautifully. However, Mr Snuffles isn’t too sure about having a mischievous marmot in charge. Perhaps Wilbur isn’t quite ready to be a monarch just yet.

Freezing at the Fountain with my Furry Friend

My friend Wilbur and I decided to go outside and get some fresh air, although as Wilbur said, it was freezing cold out there. He didn’t want to leave my rucksack as it was just too cold, only when I offered him my hat would he even pop his head out of the bag. Then my head was cold, so we didn’t stay at the fountain long, as beautiful as it looked, illuminated in the dark sky. On the bright side the fresh air certainly did a world of good for Wilbur’s fur, just look at his glowing complexion.

Mathematically Minded Marmot

Oh, look! Wilbur has found the maths tools that I borrowed from the library! I bet he understands it more than I do, not that it would be particularly difficult. Maths is so confusing. Oh, Wilbur says he doesn’t understand it either, perhaps he’s not as mathematically Minded as I had hoped. He’s certainly not going to be explaining it to me any time soon!

Sliding down the Slippery Slide

Wilbur has never been down this slide before, he says he is really excited. Jumping in at the top he says he’ll see me at the bottom. Wheee!!! It sounds like Wilbur is enjoying sliding down the slide, I guess it must be really fast, his fur will slip so easily on the metal with hardly any friction. There he is at the bottom. So Wilbur what did you think. Wilbur says that he really enjoyed it and wants to do it again. Well, it looks like we are going to be hear some time.

Sleeping Softly

Shh, Wilbur is asleep, and when Wilbur is asleep, everyone else can sleep too, there is no need to worry about what mischief he is up to. Tiptoeing softly away I leave him to sleep. It might not last long though, the children will be here soon and I’m sure they will wake him up. He’ll be fine for now though.

Stuck, Scared and then Saved

Oh no, it looks like Wilbur has climbed to the top of the rigging and it looks as though he is stuck. Help! Help! Oh, no, he really is stuck. I can just hear his cries for help. There is only one thing for it, I am going to have to climb up to the top to get him down! Wilbur looks very scared, the suddenly as I begin to climb, he falls forward, he’s hanging on for dear life. I need to hurry up, otherwise it might be too late, he might fall the floor. Phew, I managed to get to the top and grab him, Wilbur is saved. Let’s get you down Wilbur. That was a close one.

Playing in the Play Park

Wilbur, your up bright and early, oh I see, you wanted a go on the climbing frame, so you have come before everyone else is awake! Clever thinking. It’s just a shame you made such a noise when you left the house. You woke me up. Wilbur says he is sorry. Never mind. At least you have had the opportunity to play in the play park before the children come.