Playing in the Play Park

Wilbur, your up bright and early, oh I see, you wanted a go on the climbing frame, so you have come before everyone else is awake! Clever thinking. It’s just a shame you made such a noise when you left the house. You woke me up. Wilbur says he is sorry. Never mind. At least you have had the opportunity to play in the play park before the children come.


Wilbur Keeping Watch

<p style='border:4px double #8d8049;padding:10px;color:#8d8049;font-family:Gabriola;font-size:25px;text-align:center;border-radius:5px;text-decoration:none;'>Wilbur is keeping an eye on the play park, he really wants a go on the climbing frame, surprise surprise. He's a bit scared of the children though, he wants to wait until they are gone. After watching and waiting for more than an hour, Wilbur has given up, he wants to get up to some proper mischief, when I suggest we just go home, Wilbur gives in. Maybe next week Wilbur!

Swinging Swiftly

Wow, your swinging very fast Wilbur! You will have to be careful not to swing too swiftly or you might fly into the air. Slow down Wilbur, slow down! Oh no, he is out of control, his marmot arms are not long enough to reach the ropes, he’s going to fall. Wilbur says he can’t slow down. Oh no, this isn’t going to be pretty. Just look at the muddy wet bark, his fur is going to get so messy! Wheee! Oh no, Wilbur is airborne. The only thing I can do is dive to try and catch him, I reach my arm out just in time to catch him. Phew!

Rodent on a Roundabout

I left Wilbur in the house, but when I came back, he was nowhere to be found. I looked high and low. Where could he be? Ah, what about the play park, last time I was there with him, he didn’t want to leave. Ah look, there he is! That rodent, lovely as he is, why has he got to be such a mischief? Haha, it looks like Wilbur is feeling a bit dizzy, round and around! Are you having fun on the roundabout Wilbur? Wilbur says he was having a great time, but that now, the roundabout just won’t stop! He says he has been here for 20 minutes and he hasn’t been able to stop. No wonder he looks a dizzy!

Trouble on the Tree

Oh dear, just as o thought that Wilbur was beginning to settle, he’s up to his old ways again. What a troublesome marmot he is. It looks like he has found something in the tree. What have you found Wilbur? Wilbur says, he hasn’t found anything, he’s just got himself a little stuck. Just as well you are at the bottom Wilbur! Any higher up and I wouldn’t have been able to get you down. He’s safe and sound now. Phew! Let’s get you home Wilbur.

Peaceful at the Pagoda’s Picnic Place

It looks like Wilbur is continuing to rest and relax, the colours of the place are soothing and calm, perhaps the close call with the basket ball hoop has been a wake up call to Wilbur, maybe he is going to end his mischievous ways for good. It looks like he is waiting in the pagoda for his friends teddy and cuddles, for one of their regular teddy bears picnic. He looks so peaceful, let’s hope it lasts.

Furry Facial

Well, it looks like Wilbur is all worn out after been up to his usual mischief, time for a facial. Oh no, that’s my Sister’s face mask, I don’t think it will be quite as fresh after it’s been on the face of a furry marmot. Oh and you have taken her nail polish as well! Ha, and of course the cucumber, I almost forgot. I think we’d better get this mess cleared up before she comes home. Don’t tell her.

High up in the Hoop


Uh oh, looks like Wilbur is shooting hoops, I don’t think he knows the rules though. That could be interesting. Oh dear, he’s jumping through the hoop instead of throwing the ball. This could end badly, he’s going to get himself stuck in the hoop, I don’t think he will fit through. He shoots, he. Ah, looks like he has got himself stuck. Oh Wilbur, are you ok? That doesn’t look comfortable. I think I’ll have to get some help. Hang on Wilbur. Don’t worry I’ll get you down.

Don’t worry, he’s safe now, I don’t think he will be playing that again.

Labouring Like a Lifeguard with a Lifebuoy

Well, it seems like after last week’s near disaster where I just managed to stop him from falling into the pond that Wilbur has turned over a new leaf! Yippee! Just look at him with the Lifebuoy, ready to do a lifeguards work and save anyone else silly enough to dive into the pond. He says that it is a difficult job but that someone has to do it, and why not him. Well, Wilbur, if you want a reason why; it’s because your not properly trained, you wouldn’t know what to do. Come down from their Wilbur, a lifeguards labour is not a marmots duty, without the proper training you might… Oh wait, I see through your plan, Oh Wilbur! Is this your way of trying to dive into the pond, but with the excuse that it is completely necessary because you have to save a life! I don’t believe it, I think we’d better leave before the lifeguards see us. What a mischievous marmot you are!

Dramatic Daredevil Dive

Oh no, Wilbur is about to dive into the pond! Wilbur stop, you have only just dried out from being washed, you don’t want to jump into there. Wilbur says he wants to be a daredevil! Aww great, looks like we are going to have a problem. He’s back up to his old mischievous ways again. I had hoped that the washing machine fiasco would have been enough, clearly I was wrong. We might need a dramatic rescue if we can’t stop him, thankfully there is a life ring over there, it might just come in useful.

Wilbur’s Washing Machine Woes

Poor Wilbur, after getting wet in the washing up bowl last week, his only real option was to have a good old wash in the washing machine. Having coaxed him in with cheese, who doesn’t like a bit of cheese, I managed to close the door telling him that the washing machine would be a lot more exciting than the bath. He looked apprehensive at first, but when we told him he couldn’t have a cuddle until he was washed, he decided that he didn’t really have an option. He had to face up to the word of being washed. Hopefully he will enjoy the experience, spinning around and around at 600 RPM. If he doesn’t like it, it might knock some sense into him and reduce his mischief. We will have to wait and see.

Wilbur’s Wildly Washing Up

What are you doing Wilbur? Is that washing up liquid? Wait, are you going to do some washing up? That’s not a good idea, you might fall in. Uh oh, Wilbur, be careful, you are about to fall in. Oh dear, I can’t watch, Wilbur has fallen in the washing up bowl and is splashing around wildly, he’s going to make such a mess. Look at the mess that you have made! You have got bubbles everywhere, I told you to be careful! From his cheeky face, rubber gloves and shower cap combo, I think he planned to jump in, he just wanted to play with the bubbles. What a mischievous marmot he is.