Little Lighthouse

The lush green grass create a beautiful, natural setting for this photo. Then in the distance there is the bright white of the lighthouse. The lighthouse appears little and it’s simple appearance means that it does not dominate the photo. However the lighthouse is sharply in focus so it does draw the eye.


Wilbur in the Wardrobe

Well, it looks like Wilbur is looking for the perfect attire for tonight’s formal dinner, I am going to need to rearrange my wardrobe now – great! I don’t really want to break it to him that marmots are not really allowed to come to the formal. Perhaps if I get him a pizza he will be happy, after all, he has picked out the perfect combination for me to wear. Thanks Wilbur, it suits you too, I just don’t think it is quite the right size! I wonder if it would fit Mr Snuggles any better? I will have to see over Easter.

Wonderful Weeping Willow

I really like the calmness of this photo, the natural colours create a soothing and peaceful atmosphere which is wonderful. the different shades of green create a beautiful texture to the leaves of the Weeping Willow trees which are really effective. The number of trees effectively builds up layers in the photo which I think makes it even more beautiful.

Fairly Frozen

I find it fascinating how large amounts of water freeze, I know it seems obvious that when it is below freezing for a long time, everything freezes, but still, it is not something that I expect to see. The ice is so beautiful, the grass poking through the ice adds interest and a burst of colour. This is really effective. The whole photo sets a calm atmosphere with the soothing colours.

Wilbur’s Writing Websites!

Woah, it looks like Bobby and Wilbur are going to help me to build my website! Wilbur has taken the keyboard and it looks as though Bobby had got the mouse, leaves me a little redundant really. What a great job they have done. Still a lot of work to go until it is finished though. Why not checkout the website that Wilbur has been writing at just don’t expect it to work perfectly yet, after all, Bobby and Wilbur have unleashed their – let’s call it creativity on it. Hmm.

Colourful Campus

I really like this photo, the skyline looking over Jubilee Campus is colourful and the shapes of the buildings are so unique. I love the colours as the sun catches the buildings as it rises.

Canada Geese are Careful in the Cold

The Canada Geese look as though they must be really cold, I wouldn’t fancy standing on the ice in my bare feet. It does look as though they are being careful though. The cold colours in the photo create a calm and peaceful atmosphere, rather a contrast to the chaos that the snow has caused over the past few days.

Spectacular Snow

Overnight it snowed, waking up this morning to a spectacular blanket of white, was a nice surprise. nice to look at, less practical when it comes to things like walking. I love how each individual snowflake is unique, designed by God. Another reminder when we look around that there is someone, a greater creator, who is responsible for making all of the beautiful things around us.

Standing Staring at the Swirling Snow

Wilbur and Bobby have had a nice, warm day in, they were so excited to see the snow from the window, but decided that it was more fun to stand and stare and watch the snowflakes swirl and whirl through the sky than go out and get all cold and damp. What a good decision! You could even go as far as to say that they have had a pretty chilled day, but perhaps that’s a step too far for these two mischiefs.

Wonderful Windmill

I really like this photo, the blue sky provides a beautiful, calm background for the windmill. The grey stonework complements nicely with the sky creating a calm atmosphere. The sails themselves are a wonderful shape, so delicate yet so large. It’s amazing how many floors there are, just look at all of the windows!

Calm Canal

The stillness of this canal is soothing, this combined with the dull colours creates a calm atmosphere. I like how there is green foliage dappled throughout the water, it adds character to the photo and adds interest. The swans in the distance look like they are having a party – cute! I wonder if they will invite me?

Beasts Breaking out

Oh no, it looks as though Bobby and Wilbur are breaking out of my room to go for an adventure. They have not been out on their own before. I don’t think I like the idea of my tame beasts going around the halls of residence alone. Hopefully they will see sense and change their minds. I guess I will see.