Magnificent Monument

I really like this photo, the monument on the hill is magnificent, it really draws your eye to it as it is the clear focal point. The colours of this photo are natural, the green grass, blue sky and white monument effectively complement each other create a soothing, calm atmosphere.


Spectacularly Spiky

The dramatic spikes in this photo are spectacular, I really like the way that they slice through the lush green of the grass behind. The fact that the spikes are in shadow create a tense and dramatic atmosphere which I really like.

Tremendously Thorny Thistle

The focus of this photo is tremendous, I love the detail of the flower, the thorns on the side are also sharp; both in focus and in their nature. I love the colours, the bright green is lush and is a beautiful contrast to the purple of the thistle flower.

Focused Flowers & Foliage

The foliage in the foreground is really well focused, I like how detailed the leaves are. You can clearly see the serrated edges which soften the edges. The Flowers are a vivid pink which provides a striking contrast to the green of the leaves.

Freezing at the Fountain with my Furry Friend

My friend Wilbur and I decided to go outside and get some fresh air, although as Wilbur said, it was freezing cold out there. He didn’t want to leave my rucksack as it was just too cold, only when I offered him my hat would he even pop his head out of the bag. Then my head was cold, so we didn’t stay at the fountain long, as beautiful as it looked, illuminated in the dark sky. On the bright side the fresh air certainly did a world of good for Wilbur’s fur, just look at his glowing complexion.

Rose at Rose Castle

This rose is a beautiful colour, I took the photo in the grounds of Rose Castle, rather appropriately named I think. The colours are natural, the green leaves complement the pale yellow of the rose beautifully. The shapes of the flowers are nice too, I like how tightly packed they are, it makes the photo more interesting.

Colours & a Castle

I love the natural colours of this photo, the flowers in the foreground are a beautiful bright purple, the lush green foliage provides a calm setting these colours initially draw your eye until you see the looming castle in the distance. While the colours of the castle appear a little washed out, this adds to the natural atmosphere.

Bee Balancing on a Beautiful Ball

I really like this photo, the bee looks like it is balancing on the ball of the flower. The colour of the flower is beautiful too, it is a pretty shade of purple.

Complementing Colours

I like how the yellow petals of the lilies and the natural green foliage complement each other. This creates a calm and soothing atmosphere which I think is effective.

Beautiful Blooms of Blossom

The blooming blossom on this tree is such a beautiful shade of pink. The different pinks make the photo more interesting. I like how the different flowers create different layers within the photo and how this gives you a sense of perception.

Pretty Pink Poppy

The detail of this photo is well focused, the small pricked down the stalk appear crisp while the pink Poppy flower is sharply focused too allowing you to see the pretty ridges in the petals that make it so much more special.

Cleverly Coding the Computer in C

Just look at that, after trying hard at the maths, Wilbur realised that it just wasn’t for him. Evidence suggests that in the time between last Wednesday and now that Wilbur has been to the library and borrowed a book on C programming. He’s spent the day today coding. He says he likes this much more than the maths. What a clever marmot. It seems as though he just needed to put that energy to good use rather than getting up to mischief. I don’t often let him use my computer, but maybe I should let him more often or he might start to get up to mischief again.