Beautiful Border

I really like this photo. The grass path draws your eye into the distance while the beautiful pinks, yellows and blues of the flowers in the border keep grabbing your attention along the way. The hedge to the right creates a nice border to the photo, it has been shaped so precisely. The texture that this adds to the photo is really effective. It’s so nice to take time out to look more closely at God’s wonderful creation and to really appreciate it. It is so easy to take it for granted.


Green Grassland

This photo creates a calm and relaxed atmosphere due to the natural colours; the greens and browns work well together nothing bold or bright. The grassland stretches as far as the eye can see, there is just mud and grass. No people, nothing to disturb the view, you almost took a moment to pause didn’t you. Then snap you are back to reality, back in your busy life, no time to think, just doing what you do, day in, day out.

Amazing Archway

I love this photo, the detail that I have captured in the stonework is amazing. The archway draws your eye into the distance and really channels your vision. The path also helps to lead your sight into the distance which is really effective. I like the natural colours in this photo, the grey stonework, light blue sky and green of the grass complement each other beautifully to create a calming atmosphere.

Stunning Sun & Silhouettes

I love this picture, the sky is stunning, it reminds me of the song ‘Who paints the skies’ it’s so good to look upon God’s creation in it’s stunning beauty and to remember that he created it all, he has the power to do anything. The silhouettes in the distance are stunning, I like how these have lost their detail and how you can focus totally on the beauty of the sun.

Restlessly Resenting the Rain

Wilbur and Bobby were about to go for an adventure, then they looked out and saw that it was raining. They have sat indoors looking outside for the rest of the day resenting the weather. At least it wasn’t raining for the fire alarm at 2am or whatever silly time it was. Hopefully they will find something else to do with their time – hopefully something useful. Not likely.

Bold Building

I took this photo because I thought the colour of the sky against the building was really nice, the way the building is catching the light makes it seem warmer and more friendly. The sharp corners of the building are bold and create a real division between the sky and the buildings. The tree to the right is beautifully silhouetted too, it has a much less formal shape which really contrasts with the precisely shaped building.

Spectacular Sun in the Sky

I love this photo, the bright colours of the sun rise creates beautiful silhouettes of the buildings and casts a shadow over the train tracks. I like how the train tracks draw your eye into the distance, towards the sun, almost like it is an escape route from the city. The sky is such a nice combination of colours, the purple of the clouds right down to the bright yellow in the distance, it is spectacular. It’s amazing to think that Earth is in just the right place in relation to the sun, not to hot and at the same time, not too cold. That’s no coincidence, God thought about that when he made the world, and not only did he position the Earth perfectly but he also made it beautiful. I love how no matter where you look you can see evidence of God’s wonderful creation, even in the city.

Sleeping Soundly after Studying Software

Wilbur and Bobby have been working tirelessly, they are loving working together on their software development project but it looks like reading their latest book was just too much. They have been studying so much, by the looks of things, a little too much. Time for a good old sleep! I can certainly sympathise with them! Bobby didn’t even make it under the covers, he just fell into a sound sleep right where he was. Wilbur on the other hand, like any sensible marmot got tucked in first. He sure does know how to make himself comfortable!

Surprised to See a Scattering of Snow

It was such a nice surprise to wake up this morning to see snow; not so welcome during the fire alarm through the night, but that’s a different story! Although cold, it did look beautiful. Although it was just a light scattering I saw an opportunity to take this photo this morning. I liked the layers in the photo with the fence in the foreground with beautiful ice crystals settling on it, it’s amazing how even in the man built city how the beauty of God’s creation still undoubtedly shines through. What an encouragement.

Loving Life by the Lakeside

It looks like the ducks are enjoying life. The lake (strictly speaking tarn) looks cold but the ducks seem to be loving standing at the side just watching life go by with the odd reflection here and there. Speaking of reflection, I have been reflecting myself. I have posted pictures for over a year, yet you would not know that I am a Christian from any of them, and it’s time for that to change. I have never in any of those pictures given the true photo credits, yes I have physically taken the photos, but it’s not my creation, I need to say what I believe, which is that all of the wonderful things that I have posted, are the work of God, the creator of the universe, the maker of you and me, he’s the one who breathed life into us all, into the ducks in this photo – into EVERYTHING. In that time of reflection I realised what a good habit it is just to have a bit of time each day to stand back and reflect, taking time to rest properly rather than been tired all of the time from doing too much. After all, we can all do what we do best better if we are fully focused and rest meaningfully in God.

Wow, that was deep, I did not really expect that, but hey, at least now you know what I believe!

The Stream is Silent & Still

This picture is so calm and peaceful, the natural colours make it appear even more tranquil and the stillness of the water creates a real sense of quiet… silence. the reflections in the stream are beautiful too and add an extra layer of interest and detail.

Picture of a Pretty & Perfect Pond

I love the detail of this photo, the grass in the foreground is well focused and the way it swishes back and forth adds delicacy to the photo which offsets the heaviness of the grey sky. The pond itself is an interesting shape. The natural colours in the photo are pretty and come together perfectly to create a sense of calmness across the whole picture.