Bold, Bright Border

I love the bright orange of the flowers in this border. The colour is very striking. This contrasts boldly with the purple of the lavender which appears to have been planted to make a symmetrical border. I think that this makes it very striking and creates a tense atmosphere.


Swinging Swiftly

Wow, your swinging very fast Wilbur! You will have to be careful not to swing too swiftly or you might fly into the air. Slow down Wilbur, slow down! Oh no, he is out of control, his marmot arms are not long enough to reach the ropes, he’s going to fall. Wilbur says he can’t slow down. Oh no, this isn’t going to be pretty. Just look at the muddy wet bark, his fur is going to get so messy! Wheee! Oh no, Wilbur is airborne. The only thing I can do is dive to try and catch him, I reach my arm out just in time to catch him. Phew!

Boldly Blooming

The bold purple of this flower is very striking. I like the ombre between a lighter brighter purple and the much darker purple nearer the edges of the petals. The blooming flower draws your eye right in to the centre which is really effective.

Fantastic Frilly Flowers

There was no expense spared with these flowers, they have all of the frills. The petals, if that’s what you can even call them are a fantastic purple. The frilly bits on the other hand make the flowers seem to burst out of the photo. I really like the effect of this.

Superb Symmetry

I like the symmetry of this photo. The bright green grass on either side of the path leads your eye into the distance. The funny temple thing at the bottom of the garden is the focal point that your eye is drawn to. I like how the trees hanging down from above the photo help to soften the photo and tie the green of the grass in with the green of the leaves.

Beautiful Borders in Bloom

I like how this photo is a bit different to my usual close up photos. This is more of a snapshot of a whole area of garden. The borders are beautiful, the pink blooms of the flowers create a happy atmosphere and draw your eye.

Completely Contrasting Colours

The white flower at the centre of this photo is a complete contrast with the shadowed foliage behind. The colour of the flower is enhanced as the sun catches the top section making it almost glow.

Pink Petals looking Perfect in the Photo

I like this photo. The flower is well focused, the detail is perfectly captured. The pink petals are warm and inviting meanwhile the yellow stamen draw your eye deeper into the flower.

Rodent on a Roundabout

I left Wilbur in the house, but when I came back, he was nowhere to be found. I looked high and low. Where could he be? Ah, what about the play park, last time I was there with him, he didn’t want to leave. Ah look, there he is! That rodent, lovely as he is, why has he got to be such a mischief? Haha, it looks like Wilbur is feeling a bit dizzy, round and around! Are you having fun on the roundabout Wilbur? Wilbur says he was having a great time, but that now, the roundabout just won’t stop! He says he has been here for 20 minutes and he hasn’t been able to stop. No wonder he looks a dizzy!

Folded Flower

I really like the pale pink colours of the petals in this flower. The shape is interesting too, I like how the centre of the flower is folded tightly as though the bud is yet to open fully.

Colourful Contrast

I really like the pale pink colours of the petals in this flower. The shape is interesting too, I like how the centre of the flower is folded tightly as though the bud is yet to open fully.

Wonderfully Wild

I love the wild flower feeling that this photo has achieved. The pinks, greens and whites in the photo feel natural while the shapes of the plants feel unplanned. This creates a wonderful atmosphere which calls and soothes.