Tinted Tulip

I love this photo. The colours of the tulips are so vivid and contrast so beautifully with the blue of the flowers behind. The petal tips are tinted a beautiful red by the flecks of colour which adds interest and excitement. The focus is good making all of the detail clear and bold.

Pure and Perfect Petals

Look at these petals! The bright white of the petals is pure and crisp. I love the focus of the stamen, they are almost perfectly focused. The details on the white petals are beautiful and add excitement and inretest to it too. Bonus!

Photo of Pink Petals

I love this flower. The vivid pink of the petals is stunning. The photo is well focused every detail is in the shot. Your eye is drawn into the depths of the flower, like a mini adventure to the centre of the plant. Ooh, how exciting!

Magnificent Macro

I like this photo. I used a macro lens. The detail that I have captured is magnificent. I like how the solitary flower is very well focused while the rest of the flower is out of focus. You get a real sense of depth and perspective.

Bold, Bright Bud

I really like this photo. The green of the leaves is a bold contrast to the bright pink of the petals which are just emerging from the bud of this flower. The focus is good and it effectively draws your eye to the centre of the photo. I also like the shape of the bud.

Fantastic Fungi with this Fun Guy

Look who it is! Wilbur is on the loose, and look what he has found. On his woodland advanture he came across these fungi, the natural colours are, I am going to use the word soothing. But really, they are a bit dull, the dark green and the brown, they are nothing really special. But at least Wilbur, our own fun guy (see what I did there) seems to be enjoying himself. A very natural setting. Enjoy the rest of your day Wilbur, and don’t go eating those fungi or you may not be a fun guy for much longer.

Tremendously Translucent

I love the vibrancy of this photo. The pink is so vivid that it is almost luminous. The petals appear almost translucent as the light of the sun tries to pierce through the thin petals. This create a tremendous pink, I especially like the pattern inside the flower, it is really dramatic and eye catching.

Fabulously Focused Flowers

I really like this photo. There is so much detail, the small flowers are fabulously catching the light. I like the focus of this photo, although some flowers are out of focus, I like the way that it gives a sense of depth and perspective. I like the calm colours, the green foliage sets the white flowers of beautifully.

Pleasant Plants

This photo is quite pleasant. The colours are lush and soothing. The green of the plant’s leaves are nice which help to create a calm atmosphere. The flower itself is a pale cream which complements the green of the leaves nicely. I like how the flowers are clustered together to create a closely knit bunch.

Delightful Detail

This photo is delightful. I love the shade of purple of the flowers. The focus is amazing, just look at the detail of the stamen of the flowers. If you look closer still, you may just spot a small insect, hiding under the petals. I like how the distant flowers are out of focus which creates a really effective sense of depth.

Brilliant Buds

Look at that bud! Isn’t it brilliant. Just imagine, that large green bud will one day be a glorious, bright flower. The leaves create a sense of depth on the photo which is really effective.

Beautiful Bee

I took this photo of a bee using a macro lens. I was really impressed that I managed to capture such detail. I especially like how you can see the little flecks of pollen that have got stuck to the bee’s body. I like the colours in this photo. The purple petals are a nice contrast to the yellow stripe of the bee’s coat. The dark black stripes create a dramatic atmosphere, which seems quite fitting considering that it is a bee.